keskiviikko 14. tammikuuta 2015

Week 2. Time.

I took the picture, downloaded it, clicked for a new entry... but nothing. Not even a theme. Not even a feeling that there is a theme. Disturbing. Have I lost touch?

I went to stand next to the mandala, hoping for it to resonate somehow, when I suddenly saw this pattern which was yet missing from it's earthly form! And as I completed and finished the mandala I had begun creating yesterday, the message became quite clear. Sometimes you got to give things time to complete.

Although I usually create the mandala in one session and put value on that, this mandala was not ready to fully emerge yesterday. To find it's rhythm, the mandala needed time. I took back the material I had already put aside and added the final touch to blow life into it.

Don't force things. Stay patient. Listen.

Week 2. The aswer is always here, there, everywhere.
In it's own time it will emerge.