perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2015

Week 12. Potential.

This week's mandala is small, but none the less powerfull.

We are all smaller than grains of sand in relation to the whole, but each one of us powerfull and important. Each one unique, bringing something special to the mix. Let's not forget that. In times like these, it really matters what you represent. Is it fear, or is it love, is it peace?

I placed a sprouting tomato as a center to start building from. Growing your own vegetables really makes you appreciate the wonder we live in. From a small, dry, grayish seed becomes a sprout, then a plant, a plant which gives so many tomatoes filled with dozens of those little seeds, waiting for their turn to fullfill their potential.

A new moon solar eclipse is leading us 
to the Equinox. 
Be ready to sprout!

lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2015

Week 10. Power.

"Fight not, and you can not lose."

Paradoxically, all power struggles originate from fear of power. "Power over", an often desired state by a human (whether connected to other beings, nature, one's own feelings, thoughts or desires), is ultimately equal to "fear of". Fear of what? Abandonment, rejection, shame, worthlessness - separation from others.

These few weeks I've become quite aware of the many battle fields (both internal and external) on which I've fought for ages, and all over my body I have heard the call from the heart to move on from the wearing need to win or fear of losing. To stop fighting these battles that lead nowhere and take up way too much energy. To try a different approach - an open heart.

The power in love is amazing. When the heart gets a crack or even breaks completely, don't hurry to fix it or armor the pain. Because slowly, through the cracks true love starts flowing. It flows through abandonment, rejection, feelings of shame, anger and worthlessness and fills everything, washing away the idea of power, replacing it with power.

Love doesn't fight, battle, struggle. Instead, given the chance, it softly penetrates everything far more effectively than any sword of truth ever could. Not by force, but with respect, patiently waiting to be let through. Through you, not others. That's true power.

  In love is respect for oneself and others, 
the choices we all make on our individual 
Choosing love is stepping out of 
the battle. Gone is the fear of separation.