perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2015

Week 12. Potential.

This week's mandala is small, but none the less powerfull.

We are all smaller than grains of sand in relation to the whole, but each one of us powerfull and important. Each one unique, bringing something special to the mix. Let's not forget that. In times like these, it really matters what you represent. Is it fear, or is it love, is it peace?

I placed a sprouting tomato as a center to start building from. Growing your own vegetables really makes you appreciate the wonder we live in. From a small, dry, grayish seed becomes a sprout, then a plant, a plant which gives so many tomatoes filled with dozens of those little seeds, waiting for their turn to fullfill their potential.

A new moon solar eclipse is leading us 
to the Equinox. 
Be ready to sprout!