tiistai 16. kesäkuuta 2015

Week 25. Sirens.

This must be the best smelling mandala that ever presented itself in front of me! Lilacs...much love. This one is dedicated to you.

Lilacs are sirens. Literally, obviously, but also symbolically. Not like those that lure you to your death with magical songs, but rather beauties that wake you up with their magical smell, softly reaching you when passing by. Penetrating the busy mind with their message: come, come smell us, pause, inhale our sweet wisdom, we'll bring you back to what's here and now, come, connect with us... And you do, and with a single inhalation you are in tune again.

Please, do yourself and the world a favor. When passing by these gorgeous, fresh, straightforward teachers - listen to them through your nostrils, accept their invitation, pause.

Lilacs, sirens. Every year they bloom for us,
offering everything. Simply everything. 

tiistai 2. kesäkuuta 2015

Week 23. Summer celebration.

A long way from November, when I began this project...

While creating this mandala, there was a strong vibe of celebration present. On the computer screen, the first reaction to seeing this was a strong intuitive flash - Summer! Could it be more accurate? 2nd of June, full moon in Sagittarius.

The celebration of this summer feels to be refreshing, strong in energy. Not the lazy afternoon, cool breeze -kind. The mandala has a shell with water as a center, surrounded with this wonderfully structured square. Together splashing out beauty.

Aphrodite and Ares made a beautiful couple, producing a son, Eros, and a daughter, Harmonia. This summer, may we let our Aphrodite and Ares unite and play... and see what becomes! May we let creativity and beauty join the strategic fire, and no less but restore harmonious, loving balance in an unpredictable way. Wow.

Week 23. Summer, celebration, divine play
between aphrodite and ares.