perjantai 21. elokuuta 2015

Week 34. The End.

This week's mandala speaks of the inevitable.

The energy around my mandala project has already begun to fade sometime ago. The flow was there, but it wasn't so fresh in energy anymore, inspiration called less often. Creating today, there was a special energy present - though I was excited, there was a certain heaviness to the excitement. First I didn't want to see it, but it was clear that this was death, the letting go of this project.

Like each mandala, this project has followed a pattern, the pattern of life. Birth, growth, flowering, faiding, death. It is important to be open to endings. To respectfully let go of what has lived out it's purpose, be thankful of the flower that bloomed and all it's blessings. I'm so happy for this journey I made with my mandalas, from the first one to the last, enriching me with such insight, leading me deeper to understanding. Many journeys within a journey. Thank you for following and feedback, I'm so happy my work has touched so many.

I'm just amazed by how everything speaks to the one who is listening. Saturate everything with love, and all you will ever see is beauty.

With this mandala I clear the desk, 
and wait in darkness for a new seed to sprout...
who knows what kind of a flower it'll be :)