keskiviikko 29. huhtikuuta 2015

Week 18. Structure.

It is a wonderful thing, how your head is filled with ideas, patterns, themes and stories, and then something else forms infront of you. Something you need far more...

This week's mandala speaks of structure. Not of rigid structure, but rather of a firm order, as to bring together and organize all kinds of bits and pieces hanging loose here and there. Start with a strong core (boy is the core in this baby a good example!) and systematically gather all relevant information to form a clear picture. Leave room for expansion.

All kinds of daydreams (not all joyous ones) fill my mind these days, but luckily I constantly get reminders to get my act together and start working with the stuff I've got. There's a time for dreaming, and there's a time to start making those dreams real. Not dream, and then move on to another dream, and then to another... Dreaming only becomes escapism if it never turns to action. If it never gets structure.

Is Mars around?! For I surely feel it!

Week 18. Give your dreams structure. 
See what really fits in, what doesn't. 
Leave space for expansion, 
be open to change.

maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2015

Week 17. Process.

This week was a special case. I was not at home but in the countryside, and instead of one, two mandalas emerged. Also both mandalas only existed for a short moment (actually only long enough for me to take the pictures).

They don't really speak, I can't verbalize the message. They are focused, intense and clear, yet the mind can't categorize them. Somehow disturbing. But they belong together, the first one birthing the other. It is a process. Maybe a process towards freedom, whaddaya think?


the first one

the second one

tiistai 7. huhtikuuta 2015

Week 15. Holiness.

I went wandering on Good Friday. In the middle of a clearcutting there is a small island of forest with two huge rocks of quartz. One of them offered this small piece in the center for me to take with me. This is what it wanted to share through a mandala.

Don't judge something as holy, as opposed to unholy.
Holiness is wholeness.

Week 15. The clearcutting had not taken away 
the power of the land, 
of the rock underneath.
A healing place, pulsating in this mandala as well.