perjantai 31. heinäkuuta 2015

Week 31. Simple enjoyment.

This week's mandala is created with wood, stones and the pit of a plum as a center.

The flesh of the plum has been eaten, the wood is cut and dry and the stones are hard. Do I get feelings of distress, of deprivation? Yes. Actually, they do come from these thoughts now, but while creating the energy was far from that. The dry, cut wood felt soft and velvety to my fingers, the special stones as honoured guests, the pit of the plum as a seed for something new (carrying the memory of the wonderful, lush and tasty flesh). What a great reminder how over-analyzing leads us away from enjoying what is. The life and beauty in everything.

Leo full moon, stay grounded, enjoy.

Week 31. So simple, so capturing.
A balancing one.