maanantai 17. marraskuuta 2014

Week 46. Movement.

Creation that happens in the now and leaves no structure behind to hold energy in place is a wonderful opportunity to study (and celebrate!) your relationship with the eternal momentariness of everything. Like dancing - the very moment the movement manifests into existence it is gone. You can not hold on to it, keep it, freeze it. A little like the mandalas that exist only for a few days. Creation becomes more intense, more precious, when you are consciously aware of the fruit's brief existence in space and time.

Building mandalas which need to be deconstructed as a part of the process help me, among other things, practise letting go. Sometimes I want to prolong having the mandala on place although I get a strong feeling that it is time to take it apart. Like this week. Having created a farewell mandala to a loved one I had to part ways with, it was really difficult to take it apart. I felt it would be like cutting the final chord between us. It was so beautiful and felt safe, yet I had this feeling in my heart that it was time - the energy held in place by the pattern was turning restless to move on. Letting go often generates grief, but stuck energy always generates unneccessary pain and frustration.

What a powerful week.

Week 46 began with a powerful conjunction between Mars and Pluto.
To me, the mandala suggested that the fierce fires of transformation would
be delicate and compelling.
Stayed for 4 days.

And they were. 
Stayed for 2 days.