perjantai 14. marraskuuta 2014

November, beginning

November - a month to dive deep, focus on the internal, explore the treasure cave... No choice, as the darkness falls and the energy gets heavy, in a soft and velvety way. You breathe with the Earth's rhythm. A good time to birth a project of building intuitive mandalas. I'm excited about what comes of it...

Building mandalas on the living room floor is a perfect way to live through the creative process as a whole - materia takes shape and scatters again. Birth, growth, flowering, fading, death. Ah, life!
The energy of the mandala, which fills the room and sometimes even lingers on you where ever you go, is sometimes strong and assertive, sometimes airy and subtle, sometimes playful, anything really. Sometimes the mandala speaks, gives words, sometimes it is still. But the message is always there for the reader. True understanding is beyond understanding...

"Welcome, November darkness" was the whisper in it's rhythm.
November's darkness is actually supportive and nurturing, once you lose the collectively
supported idea of it as depressing and draining.
The first mandala to begin the project. Stayed for 3 days.
I'm so happy!