tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2014

Week 47. Death.

Just when you think your whole life is falling apart, you suddenly notice that it did, and you're in the middle of a beautiful new dawning.

Week 47 was such an intense struggle to hold on to things that once were so important and fulfilling. Once you lose the feeling for them in your heart, you feel angry and dissappointed, terrified and desperate, for what is left once they're taken away? Nothing? So you try to tell yourself it'll pass, you're just having a bad day, until the weight of the lies crushes all those covers... That's when the new dawn emerges. So sudden, so soft, so full of light air. And you see how nothing actually died, it was just time to step onto the next level and expand. The circle is really a spiral...

Making this was not easy. Death was lingering all over and setting all the rice grains, mungbeans and lentils was such a test for the nerves.
I went to bed feeling uncomfortable with this, wanting to wipe it away.
However, the next morning I saw it in a new light and felt peace.
Life is miraculous.
It is still on the floor, third day.