tiistai 9. joulukuuta 2014

Week 50. Happiness.

Two weeks have passed without a new mandala, but lesson nr. 1 - you don't force it. The mandala comes when it comes. The mandala of week 47 stayed on the floor for over a week, it was called for. And it wasn't until yesterday I felt the call to create again.

This week's mandala is a powerful reminder of how happiness is present in every moment. Happiness is not a feeling, it is simply being alive, being life. It has been very gray, I've been ill and frustrated with things not "moving on" and all that. Yet when I heard the call and my hands started creating, along with the mandala my spirits began lifting... All it really took was the 4 dried pink flowers that my cactus had dropped earlier (the cactus which rarely blooms, so these babies are much appreciated!) placed on the blue cloth and boom! I crossed over from thinking about my situation to happiness! I still felt ill and stuck, but the mandala forming before me was so beautiful that I realised it - I'm alive. What more could I ask for, need?
Isn't it funny really? Happiness?
I truly believe, like it says in the wonderful Nick Cave song "Nature Boy": "In the end, it's beauty that is gonna save the world."

Week 50. Happiness is a way of being alive. 
Whatever your situation, scrape the mud from the surface
and see that you are alive. You cannot but be happy.